Download LLIMAGER 4.x

NOTE: There is a known quarantine issue when downloading LLIMAGER on a mac. Thus, follow these steps: USER-SUPPLIED SSD/HDD VERSION: 1) In Windows, format two exFAT partitions named, "llimager" (for program) and "llidata" (for data), and create a folder named "llimager" in the "llimager" partition. Note, the program partition should be small (~35GB) and the data partition should be allotted the remaining space. 2) While still in Windows, download the LLIMAGER zip file using Windows and unzip contents ( and llimager-manual.pdf) into the "llimager" folder created in step 1. HARDWARE VERSION: 1) Insert the LLIMAGER SSD into a Windows computer. 2) Download the LLIMAGER ZIP file and unzip contents ( and llimager-manual.pdf) into the "llimager" folder. Latest version of LLIMAGER (, and User Manual). LLIMAGER4.ZIP SHA-256: F178FDC7B89D9FE1AAEAF296AA66E2FA6581CEA5058091B28BD53F5014E67189

Download LLIMAGER 3.x

NOTE: (Same quarantine issues in v4.x apply) Latest version of LLIMAGER (Intel and Silicon executables, and User Manual). LLIMAGER ZIP SHA-256: F135DAE04C07A38D8245720819A3C34DDB6D9571E99AD3C34D52BCFC424391BC LLIMAGER_x86.DMG SHA-256: E2DB8AEDA0E3E916676C668A073F6060DBA905B064C1FB19F10E83D5C6FB0B8A LLIMAGER_M1.DMG SHA-256: 86E258C0BD4BB3F705276E9760405CD4FE7D1D0B3793007A3559876CB4146DD1