Sample v3.x Targeted Acquisition Log
   Mac Computers Forensic Imager
   Logical Image of Folders
   Acquisition log details
Case Summary:

   Case_Name:     Your case name
   Agent_Name:    Your Name
   OSversion:     macOS 14.1.1
   Serial_Number: 47RHKGYWRJ
   Model_Number:  Mac14,2
   Start_time:    Tue Dec  5 12:25:44 EST 2023 

Hardware Overview:
       Model Name: MacBook Air
       Model Identifier: Mac14,2
       Model Number: MLY33LL/A
       Chip: Apple M2
       Total Number of Cores: 8 (4 performance and 4 efficiency)
       Memory: 8 GB
       System Firmware Version: 10151.41.12
       OS Loader Version: 10151.41.12
       Serial Number (system): 47RHKGYWRJ
       Hardware UUID: 130E90CB-E98C-56F4-A251-C55BBEC24E3D
       Provisioning UDID: 00008112-000471DA21DBC01E
       Activation Lock Status: Disabled
 Source Disk Information

    Device Identifier:         disk3s1s1
    Device Node:               /dev/disk3s1s1
    Whole:                     No
    Part of Whole:             disk3

    Volume Name:               Macintosh HD
    Mounted:                   Yes
    Mount Point:               /

    Partition Type:            41504653-0000-11AA-AA11-00306543ECAC
    File System Personality:   APFS
    Type (Bundle):             apfs
    Name (User Visible):       APFS
    Owners:                    Enabled

    OS Can Be Installed:       No
    Booter Disk:               disk3s2
    Recovery Disk:             disk3s3
    Media Type:                Generic
    Protocol:                  Apple Fabric
    SMART Status:              Verified
    Volume UUID:               B7AD18B0-AA32-47E8-BDE7-D735A0E76542
    Disk / Partition UUID:     B7AD18B0-AA32-47E8-BDE7-D735A0E76542
    Disk Size:                 245.1 GB (245107195904 Bytes) (exactly 478724992 512-Byte-Units)
    Device Block Size:         4096 Bytes
    Volume Used Space:         10.3 GB (10254770176 Bytes) (exactly 20028848 512-Byte-Units)
    Container Total Space:     245.1 GB (245107195904 Bytes) (exactly 478724992 512-Byte-Units)
    Container Free Space:      148.1 GB (148076089344 Bytes) (exactly 289211112 512-Byte-Units)
    Allocation Block Size:     4096 Bytes

    Media OS Use Only:         No
    Media Read-Only:           Yes
    Volume Read-Only:          Yes (read-only mount flag set)

    Device Location:           Internal
    Removable Media:           Fixed

    Solid State:               Yes
    Hardware AES Support:      Yes
    This disk is an APFS Volume Snapshot.  APFS Information:
    APFS Snapshot Name:
    APFS Snapshot UUID:        B7AD18B0-AA32-47E8-BDE7-D735A0E76542
    APFS Container:            disk3
    APFS Physical Store:       disk0s2
    Fusion Drive:              No
    APFS Volume Group:         754EE304-95FD-486E-A314-1512AFD8874B
    EFI Driver In macOS:       2235041001000000
    Encrypted:                 No
    FileVault:                 No
    Sealed:                    Broken
    Locked:                    No
    APFS Snapshots are defined upon this APFS Volume.  Snapshot list:    Snapshot UUID:             B7AD18B0-AA32-47E8-BDE7-D735A0E76542
    XID:                       76412
    Snapshot UUID:             9287B2C0-5E50-467A-AA9A-9AC28BD77E8A
    XID:                       253343
    Snapshot UUID:             1E33D436-909A-442B-BD80-2301039B2738
    XID:                       253354

 Acquisition Information:

 Logical Image Name: EFI01_FOLDERS.dmg
 Logical Image Start Time: Tue Dec  5 12:25:45 EST 2023
 Logical Image End Time..: Tue Dec  5 12:53:29 EST 2023
 Targeted Folders: /Users

 Hash Information:

 Logical Image Name: EFI01_FOLDERS.dmg
 Logical Image Hash: 763cf4f4f7cbc7a2766d34abae952ded
 Logical Hash Start Time: Fri Dec  5 12:53:30 EST 2023
 Logical Hash End Time..: Fri Dec  5 13:56:11 EST 2023